What Am I Doing Here?

Wait. Wait.


Where am I? Where exactly is this?

What? Exactly? Am? I? Doing? Here?

Is anyone even listening?


The songs are about to begin.

What? What songs?

Shhh. We’re here to play to the feelings of a misguided dictionary. That, is what we’re here to do.

Exactly! Exactly! I knew the words “fool” and “unbeliever” meant completely different things.

It was painfully startling to hear people flagrantly impose a misguided equivalence on those two words, Ah! Some people do not know how to think.


Shhh. Shhh. Shhh. The hymns are about to begin.

Wait. Wait please.

I need details. I need details: Do you seriously mind giving me some intel here?

Intel on what?

The demiurge. The situational demiurge.

The arcana-shrouded enforcer of the incumbent superego. A severely adversarial one, this superego. A severely adversarial one. I feel it. Its punishment bites, this one. Its disapproval stings.

Like, I know how this works. I just need minimal information to be aware of what member of the misguided-dictionary equivalence class we’re dealing with here.

Who? Is the halo-donning hero here? Who?

What is the name of this one? What is his own mysterious story?

Whose? Son? Does he say he is again?

Ah, oh. Wait what? This one says he is the Son of God? The God? Like, the actual God?

This one does not even claim to be a prophet?

Ah. Okay.

What does this one say is sin?

Wait what? How? How in the name?

How? Is that sin?


Ah. I already do not like this one.

What does this one threaten contravention with? Fire? It usually has something to do with fire.

And what does this one incentivize with? One used virgins. I wonder what this one’s carrot, is.

Shut up. Don’t look at me like that. Whether or not I have anything to say about virgins, is not the topic of discussion.

I’m asking too many questions?

You better leave me alone and let me ask my questions.

You people will not come and spoil my head for me.

You better leave me alone let me ask.

You. Better, leave, me, alone.






The hymns are about to begin.

The hymns are about to begin.

The hymns are about to begin.


We’re here to play to the feelings of a misguided dictionary.