California Street: A Psychoactive Gift On The Fire Escape.

There’s this musician I’ve been listening to recently. A rapper.

His name is Tumi. I think his music is cool.

He’s from South Africa.

I’ve had his “I’m killing” song on replay for a while now. The song has some seriously dope vibes.

The whole Spotify thing is still somewhat surreal to me. Streaming songs on repeat.

That is something I probably would’ve never done about a year ago.

In Nigeria I always had to conserve my internet subscription. Internet subscriptions cost money, and so if I planned to listen to a song more than once, it made more sense to just download it.

But that’s not the case here in San Francisco.

There’s wifi everywhere. Our college dorms have super fast wifi and that’s just wonderful, but even out in the city free wifi is not hard to find.

That sort of access to the internet makes you see things differently.

Now if feels like my computer is really just a screen, a keyboard, and maybe some RAM.

And the entire internet is my hard drive.

Because you can access files on the internet so quickly- it’s almost like they were already on your computer.

I find all that really interesting to think about.

My roommate isn’t around. I’ve got the room to myself this evening.

I think I have some weed in one of my drawers.

A while back this Israeli guy was hanging out at the dorms. I think he was couchsurfing with an Israeli classmate or something.

I went to the patio downstairs to do something, and we crossed paths there. We got talking.

His first name was Roy.

His last name was literally something from the Bible. Like, the name of some fire-bending prophet or something.

People in Nigeria are generally very religious and so names from the Christian bible are very common. But physically meeting an Israeli guy with a Bible name made me see Bible characters as being much less otherworldly.

Like, these people in the bible were human beings. That clairvoyant prophet I’ve been hearing about in church since I was a baby, was just like this guy that’s smoking weed across the table from me.

They were all human beings, not surreal mystical characters existing on some esoteric metaphysical plane.

It felt like a very profound realisation and awareness.

Roy said he spent like the past few months working at a weed farm.

Sorry, a what?

A weed what?

I thought that was super interesting. I had never heard anything like that before.

He offered me some weed.

I took some time to weigh the situation.

I had class the next morning, and I didn’t want to be disoriented from the weed or anything.

I probably thought: I don’t know, I’m probably enough of an unserious student already. I don’t think I should aggravate my situation even more with some impromptu weed.

But he seemed like a really cool guy, and I felt like I would enjoy spending time with him.

I obliged.

We spent the next few hours smoking different strains of weed and talking about a bunch of different random stuff.

We talked about surfing, and about his time in the Israeli army.

He said the stress levels in the Israeli army could get very high. And that people relieved the stress in primarily two ways. Jerking off and fucking.

We talked about Fela Kuti.

Everybody knows Fela Kuti.

With a lot of people I meet randomly, whenever they hear I’m from Nigeria, usually Fela Kuti comes up in the conversation somehow.

Like, everybody knows this Fela Kuti guy.

At some point Roy would open up another small weed container and be like “This one. This one makes you laugh a lot. This one makes you laugh for no reason at all”, and he’d proceed to roll it into a joint.

It was a super interesting evening.

Surprisingly I did pretty well in class the next morning. It was a Formal Analysis class, and during my pre-class preparation I sort of independently came upon the concept known as “regression to the mean”.

I think it was “regression to the mean”. Some concept in Statistics.

I mentioned it in the course of the class, and was surprised to learn that it was an actual thing. Like, an actual statistical phenomenon.

That was really interesting.

Hm. Maybe I should smoke more weed.

Hm. Or maybe not.


Tumi’s “I’m Killing” is still playing on Spotify.

Earlier in the day, I was playing the song on loudspeaker while I walked to the bathroom for a shower.

A classmate was walking by and she started nodding to the music and smiling at me.

I felt very good about that. Very very good.

I’ve had a crush on her for a while. But she doesn’t pay much attention to me. Or at least I don’t think she does.

She has a boyfriend. Some guy like that. Also a classmate. I’ve got mixed feelings about him, but generally I think he’s cool.

He can be kind of an asshole though. Everyone in the class generally agrees on that. He just has this persistent tendency to disturb and rile people up.

Hm, maybe I myself should begin to disturb everyone a lot more.

Maybe I should begin to play my music on loudspeaker, and make sure to bother everyone with it.

Maybe then my crush’ll begin to pay me more attention.

Hm, maybe that’s what makes her like that guy in the first place.


Roy- the cool Israeli guy, he left me with some weed.

By “some weed”, I mean like three different strains. Or four even.

I’ve had them in one of my drawers for a while. I haven’t touched any of it since he gave me. That was like over a month ago. I’m not really a weed guy- I just don’t really have the space for it in my life.

But this evening I’m especially free. And I’m kind of in the mood.

I go get some.

I think smoking in the dorms could set off the fire alarm.

I heard something people do, is to head out onto the fire escape to smoke.

I’ve always thought that was kind of exciting, but I’ve never really given it too much thought.

But this evening I seem to have a lot of free time, so I find myself actively contemplating it.

I’m on the fire escape.

The night is dark, and California street is glittering with electric lights.

The air is chilly.

Tumi’s “I’m killing” is still playing in the room.

I light up a joint.

At some point I hear giggles.

I turn my head to the right, to understand what is going on.

There are two smiling faces in the window.

It’s Jakob and Fiona. They’re on the bed in the next room. They both look very excited.

Fiona opens the window and calls out my name. We all spend some time exchanging thrilled pleasantries- They from the warmth of the room next door, and me from my chilly spot on the fire escape.

We laugh and talk for a while. We’re all very excited to interact in this exhilarating situation.

At some point they close the window and return to indulging in their enviable romance.

I proceed to take a few more puffs at my joint, feeling accomplished to have scored some “cool guy” points in the books of two people I admire.

Image: View down California street on a random night.

Dinner at Sonnenallee

He invited me for dinner at their place today.


It’s at Sonnenallee. These German names are so amusing though.

“Sonnenallee”. Like “Sonnen alley”, but with that weird, arcane, amusing German twist. Haha.

I’m excited.

I’m on the road. I’m walking this evening. For some reason I’m not taking my skateboard.

I’m walking by a building. There’s some scaffolding on the side of it. I’m on the sidewalk. Underneath the scaffolding.

There’s a building with scaffolding along Adelbertstrasse too. There’s a flower shop on the corner. I’d love to go get flowers there sometime. Possibly also engage in a conversation with the shop owner. That’ll be interesting. That’ll definitely be interesting.

There’s a guy at the junction. He just walked by me. He is like in his forties. He looks deep in thought. I wonder what he is thinking about.

I am at Sonnenallee.


I’m buzzed in.

It’s an interesting staircase. Very spacious. And there’s a significantly comfortable looking rug on the stairs.


There are aloof, yet warm-looking lamps on the wall to light up the stairway.

Mm. Interesting.

I keep going.

We are having dinner.

It’s an interesting Danish meal. He says there’s something it does to the body. Drops the body temperature so the room suddenly feels warmer.

I’m not quite sure if I feel that. There’s a lot to take in, I’m not quite sure how perceptible a not-so-extreme temperature change will be right now.

I think she made the food. That’s impressive.

We keep talking.

We talk about her. About her past relationships and her considerably discomfiting sexual tendencies. We talk about the painful effects those tendencies have had on him.

They ask if I’ve had a threesome with my girlfriend, give information on their attempts at getting another girl to join them from a number of bars.

The thought of a threesome has not even crossed my mind. My relationship is pretty young. We’re really still getting to know each other’s bodies. Mutual orgasms recently began happening. Threesomes are not on the horizon right now. These guys should calm down please.

We keep talking.

They show me around. Their bedroom is so nice though. It’s in the penthouse. There’s a window in the roof, from which they have a pretty interesting view.

It’s at night. And I don’t peer through the window. But I’m sure the view is interesting.

We keep moving about.

He showed me around a balcony with a garden earlier in the evening. There was more light then. Really interesting place.

We keep talking.

He is trying to set up “Hey Siri” on his Mac.

This guy is very smart. I feel like he doesn’t get enough credit for that from the classmates. In my opinion their impression of him is overly weighted by the pretty negative view the school administration has of him. I don’t really care what the “adults” in the faculty think. I think he is a great guy.

We keep talking.

I’m back at Adalbertstrasse. I’m at my girlfriend’s apartment.

I tell her about the night. It was a really interesting one.

“A girl you meet today will be interested in knowing what you did last year. A girl you’ve been with for a week will be interested in knowing what you did like a month ago. A girl you’ve been with for a year will be interested in knowing what you did yesterday.”

That was something the Danish guy told me during dinner.

I’ve been with my girlfriend for a number of months. It makes sense that she’s very interested in what I was up to this evening.

Feels about right.

I don’t tell her about the threesomes.

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(Forgive the watermark. I’ve been drinking.)


Er, hello. We’d like to take a look at the inside of this building, is that alright?

Er, no. Visitors are not allowed.

Oh okay. Ugh. And we’d really love to take a look.

I’m sorry. Sorry about that. It’s just that we do not allow visitors, sorry.

It’s fine, it’s fine.

*Turns to go*

I think we have to go. Go check out other buildings.

Er wait, by the way I’m pretty pressed and I’d like to ease myself. Is there a bathroom close by I can make use of?

Oh sure. Just go down this hallway.


It’s at the end by the left.

Ah great, thanks!


We are in the building. For some reason we’re not allowed entry if we’re here for sightseeing, but it’s perfectly fine if we want to use the bathroom. Haha.

This was what I used to dream my university building would look like. Arches and apses and grey mossy stone and gargoyles. Haha.

Some man is walking by. He walks with the air of an instructor. He is probably a lecturer in this place. I stop kissing you and squeezing your ass and generally behave myself while he passes by.


We’re done at the bathroom. There’s graffiti like everywhere.

Oh there’s another door that leads outside from here.

Ah great.