Dinner at Sonnenallee

He invited me for dinner at their place today.


It’s at Sonnenallee. These German names are so amusing though.

“Sonnenallee”. Like “Sonnen alley”, but with that weird, arcane, amusing German twist. Haha.

I’m excited.

I’m on the road. I’m walking this evening. For some reason I’m not taking my skateboard.

I’m walking by a building. There’s some scaffolding on the side of it. I’m on the sidewalk. Underneath the scaffolding.

There’s a building with scaffolding along Adelbertstrasse too. There’s a flower shop on the corner. I’d love to go get flowers there sometime. Possibly also engage in a conversation with the shop owner. That’ll be interesting. That’ll definitely be interesting.

There’s a guy at the junction. He just walked by me. He is like in his forties. He looks deep in thought. I wonder what he is thinking about.

I am at Sonnenallee.


I’m buzzed in.

It’s an interesting staircase. Very spacious. And there’s a significantly comfortable looking rug on the stairs.


There are aloof, yet warm-looking lamps on the wall to light up the stairway.

Mm. Interesting.

I keep going.

We are having dinner.

It’s an interesting Danish meal. He says there’s something it does to the body. Drops the body temperature so the room suddenly feels warmer.

I’m not quite sure if I feel that. There’s a lot to take in, I’m not quite sure how perceptible a not-so-extreme temperature change will be right now.

I think she made the food. That’s impressive.

We keep talking.

We talk about her. About her past relationships and her considerably discomfiting sexual tendencies. We talk about the painful effects those tendencies have had on him.

They ask if I’ve had a threesome with my girlfriend, give information on their attempts at getting another girl to join them from a number of bars.

The thought of a threesome has not even crossed my mind. My relationship is pretty young. We’re really still getting to know each other’s bodies. Mutual orgasms recently began happening. Threesomes are not on the horizon right now. These guys should calm down please.

We keep talking.

They show me around. Their bedroom is so nice though. It’s in the penthouse. There’s a window in the roof, from which they have a pretty interesting view.

It’s at night. And I don’t peer through the window. But I’m sure the view is interesting.

We keep moving about.

He showed me around a balcony with a garden earlier in the evening. There was more light then. Really interesting place.

We keep talking.

He is trying to set up “Hey Siri” on his Mac.

This guy is very smart. I feel like he doesn’t get enough credit for that from the classmates. In my opinion their impression of him is overly weighted by the pretty negative view the school administration has of him. I don’t really care what the “adults” in the faculty think. I think he is a great guy.

We keep talking.

I’m back at Adalbertstrasse. I’m at my girlfriend’s apartment.

I tell her about the night. It was a really interesting one.

“A girl you meet today will be interested in knowing what you did last year. A girl you’ve been with for a week will be interested in knowing what you did like a month ago. A girl you’ve been with for a year will be interested in knowing what you did yesterday.”

That was something the Danish guy told me during dinner.

I’ve been with my girlfriend for a number of months. It makes sense that she’s very interested in what I was up to this evening.

Feels about right.

I don’t tell her about the threesomes.

Image Credits: https://www.alamy.com/berlin-germany-21st-feb-2019-advertising-signs-shine-over-shops-on-the-sonnenallee-which-is-also-colloquially-called-the-arab-street-attention-no-consent-of-the-persons-photographed-exists-credit-stefan-jaitnerdpaalamy-live-news-image242717452.html

(Forgive the watermark. I’ve been drinking.)

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