A Dead Man’s Exasperation.

It is yet another day in the middle of nowhere.

No one has found me yet.

It has been about three years since I got here.

Three years since my plane crashed here while I was flying over this stretching expanse of prickly brown sand.

Here in the middle of nowhere.

No one has found me yet.

My skin is long gone. I am all bones now. Formerly-white bones gradually turned dusty brown by years of enmeshing interaction with exuberant particles of desert sand.

It has been about three years since I got here.

It has mostly been quiet, just the waves crashing into the nearby shore and squabbling birds squawking up ahead every once in a while.


One of the birds brought me some devastating news this morning.

Some severely debilitating news.

It is news about my wife. And my children.

I heard she just re-married.

I heard Nelida just re-married.

That is not such terrible news.

No, not really. That is not such terrible news.

What makes me want to marshal my dry brown bones back into action and charge back into the land of the living, is who she got married to.



Nelida got married to Paulo.


Of all people.

Of all people in the world Nelida!! Of all the men in the world?!


And that’s not all. That is not all at all.

She agreed to be his second wife.


Second. Wife.


Not his second wife because he and his first wife were estranged, no.

Not even his second wife because Paulo’s first wife died. That would have been better. I honestly do not care what happens to that repugnant human being and his family, but at least that would have been better than what I heard this morning.

Nelida is his second wife, in addition to his first wife. Paulo has two wives now.

Paulo has two wives.

And the human being who used to be MY wife- the most important person in my life, is now the second wife of somebody I viscerally detest, even in death.




My chest hurts.

My chest hurts.

My chest hurts and I want to die.

If I was not already dead, such news would make me kill myself right now.

Without a second thought.

I would jump off a cliff.

Without hesitation.

I would dive head first towards the craggy black rocks at the shores of Algodoeiro and let the riotous waves do whatever they wanted with what was left of my physical form.



Fucking Paulo?

I want to die.





His second wife??

Nelida, you are now somebody’s second wife?? You??




I need to die now. I do not think I have really been dead for the past three years. Dead people are not supposed to be able to feel this excruciating anguish I am currently experiencing.




The waves keep crashing against the shore. The black birds up above keep fluttering about. It is evident I am not even making an actual sound because nothing is changing.

The birds keep fluttering about, unconcerned.

The wind keeps blowing inland, bringing along with it the distant bellowing of the ocean in the form of distracting sprays of stinging saltwater.

The wind keeps blowing inland, unconcerned.

Paulo is probably walking into Nelida’s room right now——




Image Credits: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/af/Cape_Verde_Sal_landscape.jpg

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