On Post-Decision Eventuality Children.

Curtain opens.

From the two opposite ends of the stage, enter two men. These two men are identical in everything except clothing. Same height, facial features, etc.


Man 1: Hey man! Hey! How’re you doing?

Man 2: Great! Great, man! You?

Man 1: Ehh. Feeling meh. Not doing too good. Just meh.

Man 2: Eyyy. Things aren’t looking too shiny on your end eh?

Man 1: Yeah man, yeah, My end is just glum. But you’re having tons of fun aren’t you?

Man 2: *smiles* Haha, can’t complain, man can’t complain. But yeah, tons of fun is a lot like it haha!!

Man 1: The decision fucked me man. The decision that separated us, fucked me. Condemned me to this pitifully uneventful existence. The decision really fucked me man.

Man 2: Cheer up man, cheer up. I am sure there are versions of us who are doing much worse- dead maybe. You hear that? Dead!

Man 1: Ugh. I might as well be dead with this life. Ugh.

Man 2: Cheer up man, cheer up!!


Men walk across stage.


Curtains close.


On Post-Decision Eventuality Children.

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